Sunday, October 21, 2018

Pollo Coa— Morelia's Uptown Chicken

Roast chicken seems to be among the most popular street foods here in Michoacán. For example, every time we drive up through Tzurumutaro we see pollo asado stands along the roadway.

The full consomé
In the past several months, during frequent trips to Morelia, we have become loyal customers of the Pollo Coa restaurant. It's a big step upward in comfort, service, economy, and most of all, its uniquely roasted chicken. Its consomé de pollo is unmissable.

Although there are two related Pollo Coas shown on Google Maps. we patronize only the one near the corner of Avenida Camelinas and Avenida Arriage/Sanson Flores. It's kitty corner from a big IMSS hospital. Oddly, Google maps shows it as "Alimentos Condimentados"

The restaurant is located up a scrolling iron staircase. Unlike many roadside pollos asados joints, Pollo Coa is a well ordered, full service restaurant. Service is above average. Although its specially roast chicken is the star of the menu, you can also order breakfast foods such as hot cakes, eggs, and even enchiladas.

The special chicken roaster

We prefer the Paquete menus, which offers a slice of fresh fruit, a beverage (usually agua de jamaica. For a few pesos more, you can get a soft drink), consomé, chicken, carrot salad, and meh! potato chips. There's also a basket of warm, decent crusty bread and a crock of butter. On the table are two salsas; a picante red and a mild green.

The Individual paquete price is about $170 pesos. But the a la carte menu is also available. If we want a small meal, we would have the consomé. It's offered in various ways to please all.

There are very few negatives in my opinion. A Tortoa sandwich was so salty that I returned it. On my first visit, years ago, the rabbit I chose was inedibly dry.

Although the restroom is very clean, it is down a short flight of stairs. As mentioned before, the restaurant itself is up one flight of exterior stairs.

Food: 8

Service: 8

Cost:  moderate


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2:53 PM October 25, 2018 

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  • It has been one year and 5 days since your last post. Nice to see you posting again. :) I too cannot get the photos to load.
    It may be because Google has recently started to insist that web sites (including blogs) are secure. To fix this in Blogger, go to your Blogger admin page ( and then go to Settings > Basic and look for HTTPS Redirect. Change that setting to YES. It should be done whether or not it fixes this particular issue.
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      Ola Sr Cuevas, nice to hear from you! For some reason the photos did not load, I tried two different browsers to no avail.
      Because mobility is a issue for me now is the other location operate without a circular staircase? I love roasted chicken and would the happy to find a place were both consistency and service where you are not ignored for half and hour before someone arrives and throws a couple of menus on the table is the norm. Some of the pollo joints seem to accept that a dried out over cook bird is acceptable, which you can almost get anywhere, I am searching for a moist well seasoned bird that offered it's life to someone who can and will enjoy it.
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          Nice t hear from you, Tancho.
          First, I'll be working to make the photos "public". Photo challenges are among the most difficult obstacles I face when blogging.
          The stair access is no a big deal (at least for me) as it's short and there'e are sturdily iron side raiils to grab.
          I've never been to the Av .Madero location.
          Don Cuevas
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            Sr. Cuevas- Happy to see you back blogging after a long absence. We just enjoyed Canada's version of Pollo Asado, Costco roast chicken.
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                Nice to hear from you, Sr. Herring.
                The Costco chicken we have had in E. Hanover, NJ, is too wet. There we prefer Boston Market chicken.
                Don Cuevas

              Monday, October 16, 2017

              La Nueva Pizza Mandala

              Photo from Pizza Mandala website
              Pizza Mandala left its historic location, on Calle Lerin in Pátzcuaro, sometime last summer. The cozy pizzeria with Bohemian atmosphere, on the ground floor of the Posada Mandala, close by the famous arches of El Sagrario, has now made a giant leap forward. Its new quarters are in a spacious house at Ibarra 130, Pátzcuaro. Inside the modest gate is a broad grassy area, with a shade tent. It would be suitable for a major fiesta.

              The entrance is close to Refacciones Sami's, if that is meaningful to you.

              I was apprehensive that the quality of the food might have slipped due to the move, but I needn't have worried. If anything, the pizza, and even the salad (of which I'd never been a fan) were better than ever. Moreover, the three dining rooms are spacious, naturally illuminated though large windows.

              More formal "upper" dining room
              The Bohemian atmosphere, alas, is vestigial.


              The menu is the same as before, with an emphasis on umami-rich toppings: anchovies, olives, goat cheese, etc. The Mandala Ensalada "Niçoise" is quite unlike a classic Salade Niçoise, but is good in its own right.

              The six of us ordered 3 large pizzas: two Mandala Plus, and the worthy, but easily overlooked Margarita Plus.

              Mandala Plus
              Margarita Plus
              We washed this down with cerveza, agua mineral, and vino blanco. Note that it's possible to get individual bottles of Peñafiel Agua Mineral, an improvement over the previous glasses of mineral water from a bulk bottle.

              Beer served with frosted mugs!
              Large ("pizzas grandes") run about $140 MX. A large salad, $50 MX. There's also a short menu of pasta dishes, but as I rarely order pasta in a restaurant, I can't give an opinion on those.

              Here's an update: the Official Pizza Mandala Menu


              Food: 8

              Service: 8

              Ambience: pleasant, upper middle-class Mexican home. Smooth jazz plays in the background.

              Cost: up to $200MX pp.

              Horario: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
              Opens at 2:00 p.m. Closes 10 p.m.

              Calle Ibarra 130. Pátzcuaro Centro, Michoacán. (The Google Map is slightly erroneous, as it places the Pizza Mandala a little too far east.)

              Tel: +52 434 342 4176

              EXTRA: There are two modest rooms offered for rent, at $400MX per night. The bath is shared.