Friday, February 22, 2013

Praise from a revered source

I just returned to reading The People's Guide to Mexico web site, and was delighted to find this statement, by Editor-in-chief, Felisa (Churpa):

Favorite Blogs: My Mexican Kitchen

While researching the murky origins of the milanesa, I stumbled across My Mexican Kitchen, the work of an expat who lives in Michoacan. The blog  features detailed and amusing restaurant reviews, with the occasional foray into a kitchen experiment, such as teaching local Mexican teenagers how to make pizza. The author seems to spend quite a bit of time in Mexico City, so if you’re planning a trip to the Big Enchilada, this would be a good place to start your culinary bucket list. He’s also a retired baker and thus provides discerning commentary on Mexican breads, which should be of interest to the bread nerds out there (Hello Carl!). To top it off, the photographs are great. Incidentally, the author, Don Cuevas, also writes another blog, Surviving La Vida Buena, which details his life in Michoacan and his travels around Mexico.  Recommended for those of you who are contemplating retirement in Mexico and would like to know more about costs, rewards, and potential pitfalls of day-to-day life.
The People's Guide To Mexico Book has been inspiring me since about 1978. It's not a guidebook as such, it's more of an aid to the traveler. The writing is very entertaining.The new staff of the People's Guide is a promising couple who will carry on the tradition of founders Carl Franz, Lorena Havens, Steve Rogers and Tina Rosa. The motto of the People's Guide is "Wherever you go... there you are."

Friday, February 15, 2013

Tolantongo: Oasis in the Desert

I have posted about our recent trio to Grutas de Tolantongo, in the arid mountains of the State of Hidalgo, on my other blog: Surviving La Vida Buena.

Tons of water emerge from hidden caverns and mountainside springs, to make a desert canyon in the Estado de Hidalgo into a spectacular oasis.
We'd visited Tolantongo in 2007, and were eager to return to experience the Paraiso Escondido area, with its long vistas and cascading warm springs pozas, tiered upon the hillsides. There are now two Tolantongos: the classic section closer to the Río and La Gruta, and the upper Paraiso Escondido section, nearer to the entrance station and place of pozas.

I invite you to read more here.
Two To Tolantongo, Part One

February 15, 2013: Now the second part is available for your reading pleasure: PART TWO: Mission Ixmiquilpan, with more emphasis on regional cuisine than Part One.