Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Hey, Mr. Tangerine Man!

When I was a kid growing up, a small glass of orange juice was an obligatory start to each breakfast, Sometimes there'd be a grapefruit juice variation. The juice was poured into an approximately 4 ounce glass. Usually the glass was a bonus "gift" from having emptied out a Kraft cheese spread jar. This juice was tossed down as if it were medicine. Back then, before we started using frozen juice concentrates, the family morning oj was usually from a can. Back then, I wasn't fond of orange juice.

Over the years, packaging improved, and as an adult, my wife and I enjoyed various fresh pack, with pulp, not-from-concentrate Florida orange juice.
What's this doing here in Michoacán?
Youmaynotbelieveit, but we have seen refrigerated Tropicana Florida orange juice in cartons at Costco in Morelia. Why would anyone would select this packaged juice (although it's decent stuff), when oranges and other citrus fruits are so relatively inexpensive here in México?

Prices for naranjas dulces vary seasonally. Right now, we can get 5 kilos for $20 pesos (about $1.70 U.S, for 11 pounds. And they are delivered to our street, at least twice a week. In the off season, the prices are higher, and the citrus fruits probably not worth consuming.

How about some nice, large, juicy mandarinas (tangerines)? This truck, heaped with mountains of mandarinas (also 5 kilos for $20 pesos). It's stationed every day in season, down by the Tzurumutaro RR crossing.

Truck by the Tzurumutaro tracks

But wait! There's more! Now, for a limited time only, you can get sweet juice oranges from the same guy for only $20 pesos for 6, yes SIX kilos.
With an inexpensive lever-action citrus squeezer, you can make freshly squeezed juice in a few minutes, with little effort.

Great looking hardware!

(Psst. Last night, before bedtime, I squeezed enough mandarinas and some oranges to make a very large glass of juice, which I drank with no inhibition but with the greatest pleasure. It could serve as a refreshing dessert after a substantial meal. There's juice enough for two generous glasses at breakfast time.)