Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Visitamos La Ciudad de México a Las 42 Años. Parte 2

Let's pause here for a cafecito and pan dulce break and return in another episode. 

In our previous episode, the three gastronomic adventurers had just visited the Dragon del Oro Tienda China, and were in need of a a caffeine fix.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Visitamos La Ciudad de México a Las 42 Años. Parte 1

We just returned from a visit to the U.S. where we attended a wedding of our grandniece and her childhood sweetheart and a visit to my side of the family in New Jersey. (The food there is another story entirely.)

On our return to Mexico City, we rendezvoused with our friend, Ron Granich, a man of distinguished tastes and very high standards of quality, in the realm of food, and even more specifically, in regard to a properly made demitasse of espresso. He has referred to himself, in only semi jest, as "El Cascarrabia": "The Grouch".

Having Ron along, after an absence of 35 years from México, D.F., would add a new dimension of how we looked at food and drink. Adding to this heady mixture was that Doña Cuevas and I were celebrating our 42nd Wedding Anniversary on the 21st, with a dinner at El Racó on the 23rd.

We arrived midday Sunday the 20th of June, and  the Hotel Milán, in Colonia Roma Norte, we rested and awaited Ron's arrival.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Travelers Rest; Foodies, Never

The Cuevas' have been travelling in the U.S., attending a wedding and visiting family, and are now on their way home, after a few days of wandering and eating in México City.

Many restaurants were visited in the U.S. and a few in Mexico. I've been too busy to blog. Then, in a last minute frenzied farewell, I left my digital camera in my family house. I'm making arrangements to have it carried in safe hands back to me.

Meanwhile, here are a few selected photos from restaurant and home meals we enjoyed.

Poppy's Cheeseburger, Beacon, NY

Poppy's Fries

Lunch at Viet Ai, Florham Park, NJ

Blackened Tuna; Sweet Basil's Cafe, West Orange, NJ

Soft Shelled Crabs in Lemon Butter Sauce, Don Pepe's, NJ

Sirloin Steak, Don Pepe's, NJ
Kasha Varnishkes; Mom's home cooking

Beacon Creamery in Beacon, NY