Sunday, October 23, 2005

Comida Norteamericana

Splattered: I made hamburgers last night. Good ones are hard to find here in restaurants and snack bars. They are like thin, weird-tasting, breadcrumb-filled patties. They often put a slice of ham on it! If I'd wanted a ham sandwich, I'd have ordered one.

So I bought 3 lbs of not very attractive ground beef at Wal Mart.When I got it home and divided it into thick patties, it didn't smell so fresh, Not spoiled, just unfresh. In the cooking, they turned out just fine.

We didn't cook them until yesterday. I loaded one side with lots of chopped garlic, then seared them in a skillet. (splattering the stove). I put coarse salt and pepper on them, and finished them with L&P Worcester Sauce. I made "pickles" by peeling and slicing a cucumber and whipping up a quick marinade of vinegar, sugar and spices plus onions. we ate them on Mexican teleras rolls—sort of a French roll, but slightly flat, with one or two creases along the top. They were the best hamburgers we'd had since we last cooked them in Little Rock. We even bought sliced yellow processed cheese to make it more authentically American.
Crusty fried sliced potatoes alongside, with plenty of ketchup. Ahhhh!!

Tonight was a supper of Kir Brand Jumbo Hot Dogs, acelgas (chard), betabeles (beets) y papas (potatoes. With the exception of the very pink hot dog, (Obviously, I am not a purist.) all was at the peak of natural freshness. We had made a leisurely walk throgh the mercado and had bought wisely today.

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