Saturday, June 07, 2008

Cooking By Candlelight

México! It's SO romantic! You can even cook by candlelight.
Don't ask when; it'll be a surprise.

I do a lot of my baking and cooking prep early in the morning, durante la madrugada. (before dawn)
Apagones (blackouts) are not unknown.

Just a couple of hours ago, I was preparing American Macaroni Salad for a cookout on Sunday on our new, Kingsford Barrel Charcoal Cooker.

The coditos (elbow macs) were boiling and eggs were simmering, when BLANK. The lights flickered and went out. I got a flashlight, located the candles in the trastero (dish cabinet), and lit two, so I could at least finish and halt the cooking.

I definitely was not going to continue slicing and chopping vegetables and herbs in the dim light. I went back to bed for a snooze.

As daylight came, with its sweet, fresh breath, I continued. The Macaroni Salad is a good foil for the spicy grilled Spanish and Argentine style chorizos, hamburguesas,ensaladas and Verduras Asadas a la Parilla we and our guests will enjoy tomorrow.

For the full menu, see my more recent posting, "Up In Smoke",

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Don Cuevas said...

THAT was the plan. What actually transpired was that two guests couldn't come, so the four of us decided to skip the sausages and cook the vegetables on the grill, then the hamburgers.

The vegetables were merrily cooking along, when the Rainy Season decided to start with a chubasco, drenching the Grill Mistress and the already cooked vegs.

We retreated to the inside dining room, as hundreds of flies took our place, seeking shelter from the rain.

Once inside, the Grill Mistress changed clothes and I cooked the hamburger in an iron skillet on the stove. For a few moments, the gas stove wouldn't light. I applied a gas torch and it lit.

Bruce dashed out to heat the cornmeal buns on the grill, suffusing them with a pleasant smokey flavor.

We drank Tequila Especial "Gringo Viejo", from Bruce, and Ron brought some lovely Grolsch, which went well with the meal. We also had agua de Jamaica

It was all delicious, and as we finished the meal, the rain stopped. I was able to cook the rest of the vegs and to grill the Pineapple in Rum. The latter was a delicious finish to a meal plagued by near disasters.