Saturday, July 12, 2008

Gringo Finds Dog Biscuit In Orégano!

(This will be my shortest post, ever. Promise.)

I was just sprinkling some orégano Mexicano into a pizza sauce, when I found a tiny dog biscuit.

I'm assuming it was meant for a
perrito Chihuahueño or perhaps another breed, the pre-Hispanic esquintle.

What to do?? Pick it it out and continue.

bisquitito chiquitito was in the orégano, because the two costales (sacks) were side by side in the mercado where I bought the herb. There is no product quality control testing lab for mercado produce.

¡Ándale, pues!


Anonymous said...

Actually I hear tell that dog biscuits aren't that bad, especially when you make them yourself. I sometimes do for my dogs and they really enjoy them. I like your blog and I think your funny and a happy person. Gloria

Don Cuevas said...

Gracias por tú comentario, Gloria.

Are you the Gloria from where we live?


Steve Cotton said...

Professor Jiggs will be by to claim his biscuit. (He is under the impression that when dog is used as an adjective or a noun, it always means him.) I have actually tried most of his food. Really bland stuff. I think I now know why dogs love eating what appear to be vile things to us: they are after a bit of spice in their lives.