Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Chile Verde y Queso Potato Knishes

We were invited to a Winter Solstice Party last night at Ed 'n Lyns' house.
I decided to make something different as part of our contribution to the festivities: Green Chile and Cheese Potato Knishes.

The basic recipe was one I'd downloaded from eGullet.org Only the filling varied from the original. I also used about a kilo of potatoes and only two medium white onions instead of the prescribed 5 pounds of the former and two pounds of the latter.

After mashing the potatoes with the fried onions, I added 4 medium sized roasted, peeled and seeded Chiles Poblanos, chopped coarsely.

After letting the mixture cool, I added about 5 ounces (well, it was half of a small wheel) of grated Queso Panela from Cremería Aguascalientes. That creamery makes high quality dairy products. So far, I've found their range of cheeses, butter and crema in Mega Comercial in Morelia. One could substitute muenster or cheddar or even mozzarella cheese with no dire effects.

I followed the makeup and handling instructions, and it was the easiest I'd ever done. The dough is supple and easy to work with.
The baking time was longer that expected; about 30 minutes at 375º F, but that could be in part due to our high altitude. They emerged looking a lot like the Potato Knishes in this eGullet photo

There were a few hours between the baking and serving times, so after the trays of knishes cooled (the recipe yielded 46, and I had a few cups of filling leftover.), I consolidated them on two baker's half sheet pans, covered with heavy duty aluminum foil.

When we arrived at the party scene, another guest found a place for the pans on a wood burning grill. Before long, he passed around the now very hot knishes.

Not only were they hot from the grill, they had a zesty picante kick. A serendipitous touch was the subtle tinge of wood smoke from the grill that infused the knishes.

These were so good that I'm thinking of making a half batch of dough to uses up the reminder of the filling and freeze them.

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GlorV1 said...

Oh that looks and sounds really delish. Thx for sharing, I might try the recipe. Merry Christmas