Saturday, November 20, 2010

Three San Miguel Restaurants: Part 2

On Tuesday morning, after completing our business at the American Consulate, we joined our friend, Larry at El Pegaso.  It's one of his favorite restaurants in San Miguel, and it's a favorite with other folks as well. It's at the corner of Calles Corregidora at Correos in Centro.

The dining rooms are warm and colorful, with small fireplaces, although ours wasn't lit where we sat. I guess we're just contrarians. I was struck by the entertaining folk art on the walls. I'm not a huge fan of folk art, but this was engaging.

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Larry recommended the Eggs Benedict, but we always have to do something different, so we chose the Eggs El Pegaso. They are sort of a Mexican benedict, based on corn sopes rather than English Muffins, red and green salsas, and sided by some pretty good frijoles refritos and guacamole.

But first we started with glasses of jugo de mandarina, which was excellent, even better (well, a lot better) than the jugo de mandarina at El Gorjeo de Las Aves En Las Mañanas de Abril at Ziracuarétiro. El Pegaso's is a lot sweeter and full of tangerine flavor. Doña Cuevas had two glasses of the "grande" size, which weren't that grande, in her opinion.

Larry's Benedict looked good, but the gestalt was diminished, in my opinion, by the prefab, oval of previously frozen potato, a la comida rápida. He let me taste the potato, and it wasn't bad, but still...¿Como se dice "tacky" en Español?

Eggs McBenedict?
When I'd ordered the Huevos El Pegaso, the waiter assured me the salsas were not picante, but I requested some salsa picante, and my wish was granted by the arrival of a dish of very good salsa roja.

The eggs were nicely cooked and had good conformation, but ¡lástima!, the sopes were hard, muy duros. Difficult to cut. But apart from durability issues, the dish was satisfactory.

Huevos El Pegaso
Our share of la cuenta was if I recall correctly, $212 pesos.

Larry later said he went back the next evening and had the best filet steak in his life.

On the basis of one breakfast experience, here's my ratings:

Food: ***
Service: ****
Ambience: ***** Colorful and amusing Mexican folk art, feel good atmosphere. Se habla Inglés.
Price: $-$$ (Looks more expensive than it is.)
Rest Rooms: Clean, but reached by a long, steep flight of stairs.

I might return, for a lunch or something different on the breakfast menu.

Next up: Dila's Restaurant and Gallery


Bob Mrotek said...

"tacky" = "cursi"

Anonymous said...

5 of us went there recently for breakfast based on a recommendation of one of our group. Based on our experience I would rate the place a 2.5 max. and no hurry to return. John

Michael Dickson said...

Thanks to Bob for the tacky translation. I didn´t know that.

I love Eggs Benedict. The best-ever version was served at La Casa de la Marquesa in Querétaro.

And then they dropped it from the menu! My theory is that the customers, almost 100 percent Mexican (it ain´t San Miguel), had no idea what it was and never ordered it. Pity.