Thursday, February 23, 2012

Going Coastal in Zihuatanejo Part 3

Fonda Doña Licha's, on Calle Cocos, about a block west of Paseo del Palmar is a stalwart among Zihuatanejo eating places. It's very much a local place, although it has been discovered by adventurous visitors. It's a great place for tasty, authentic local food, at low prices. It does breakfasts nicely, but the main reason for its popularity are the economical comidas corridas (Set lunches at one, low price. I think the comida corrida ran about $50-55 pesos.)

The place is dedicated to quickly getting good, inexpensive food to its many customers. There are touches of decor, but it's not noted for frills. On the other hand, it's spotlessly clean. (Some guests might be troubled by the few street pigeons which scavenge the floor for crumbs. We were not, as they were quiet and didn't fly about inside and get up on the tables.)

archival photo, 2009
At our first meal at Doña Licha's, I had Enchiladas Verdes Gratinadas, which elsewhere would be called Enchiladas Suizas. I am not a huge fan of enchiladas, but these were good, and not excessively rich.

Doña Cuevas had a comida corrida. It started with a good Sopa de Tortilla, then Pechuga de Pollo a la Plancha (flattened breast of chicken, simply prepared), frijoles de olla (simple, earthy and delicious boiled beans, which come to one's table unbidden but welcome.). We shared a pitcher of pretty good Agua Fresca de Piña, which is extra, and I had a couple of shots of local mescal, at an amazing $10 pesos a shot! The total bill was $145 pesos, or about $12 USD.

On Thursday, our day of departure from Zihua, we had plenty of time until our bus left, so we went to Doña Licha's for breakfast. Sra. Cuevas had two fruit plates, one with yoghurt and granola, the other "natural", and a glass of papaya juice.

I tried the apporeadillo, and drank a mixed glass of papaya and orange juices. Doña Licha's apporeadillo is somewhat more picante and characterful than that at Carmelita's, although I enjoyed both. Of course, the tortillas are hand made at both places, but I give the edge to Licha's for their just off the comal (flat cooking surface) freshness.

I don't recall what our breakfasts cost, probably under $120 pesos. The apporeadillo was about $60 pesos. Overall, it's a great bargain.

Food: ****
Service: **** brisk and efficient
Prices: $-$ 1/2 Bargain!
Hygiene and rest rooms. Immaculate restrooms

These are all of our current favorite Zihuatanejo eating places. We went to a few other places of lesser interest, but I'm not going to review them. We didn't get to eat at the famous Tamales y Atoles Any, a fine, if somewhat touristy place in Zihua Centro, and worth a visit. On our earlier trip in 2009, we had an excellent Mole de Olla and Consome de Pollo. But the Mole de Olla seemed high priced, at $100 pesos. And that was in 2009.

Another omission was that we didn't have any of the local pozole (hominy based soup with pork, chicken or seafood), as it's customarily cooked and served on Thursday evenings, but we were absent then. Another trip will be required.


Michael Dickson said...

Lovely place. I invariably get the fried shrimp.

Don Cuevas said...

Interesting. I never thought of it as a seafood place. But, I guess because it's on the coast, it must have seafood on the menu.

Don Cuevas

Steve Cotton said...

Enchiladas Suizas are my favorite SOB dish. And now I know where I can get a good serving when I venture that dfar south.

Flavors of the Sun said...

Living in San Miguel de Allende, I find it particularly fascinating to see what is being offered elsewhere and at what prices. SMA is such a tourist town, and we definitely have tourist prices! But these photos make me hungry, that's for sure! Did you find out about the disinfecting of the pápalo yet? I am curious.

Don Cuevas said...

Vicky (FOTS), I don't recall the pápalo reference, but thanks for the comment.

Don Cuevas