Thursday, February 06, 2014

Hotel Posada El Nito Oaxaca

We stayed in the Hotel Posada El Nito, Oaxaca Centro from January 6 until January 17, 2014. We enjoyed almost everything about it. We took Room #10, right off the attractive patio. That room is the largest in the hotel, with two camas matrimoniales. We looked also at a couple of smaller rooms toward the back, but they tended to be very small, and with only a single cama matrimonial.

Room # 10 is well supplied with furniture and an ample closet for one's things. Rebeca, the affable manager, had a third bed removed and a patio table and a pair of chairs put in their place. There was plenty of space leftover. The room was equipped with an air conditioner and a floor fan, neither of which did we use, except that the fan was useful to hang towels and swim suits.

Room # 10 has no window, but there is a curtain for the door which can be deployed in daytime if you wish to ventilate the room.

The beds are unusually comfortable and we slept well, most of the time*. There was a two shelf unit in one corner, where we stored our toilet articles and recharged or Internet devices, as well as a couple of night tables flanking the beds. A double outlet was located between the beds.

*There is a cantina next door that revs up the decibels in the evening, but especially on weekend nights. We sometimes used earplugs but in general, accustomed ourselves to a dull roar and were scarcely bothered.

There is also sometimes an odor of frying fish from the nearby seafood restaurants, wafting into the patio, but it was no problem for us.

The attractive and spacious patio was where we would do Internet stuff, snack, and smoke the occasional cigar.

El Nito patio-aft

El Nito patio-forward
The bathroom in room # 10 is small but adequate. Hot water was plentiful in the mornings but sometimes scarce at late afternoon. We were well supplied with bath accessories. Towels were a bit tatty but acceptable.

Note that the hotel does not provide purified water, but there are many stores close by where you can buy water and other items. The room was kept very clean.
The wifi is very effective in the patio and reception areas, but the signal strength diminished within our room.

The location is excellent, with easy walking to the Zócalo, the mercados of Centro, and some attractive restaurants as well as street food, some of high quality. (At the corner of Calle Armenta y López and Calle Rayón is a juice bar, "La Huerta", making delicious fruit juice combinations and simple sandwiches, The coffee is decent, too. ("Halt! Jugos There")

Weekday afternoons at the corner of Calle A&L at Calle Colón is a pair of indigenous women selling excellent tamales at fair prices.

Restaurante La Flor de Oaxaca is 1 1/2 blocks away. Conchita's is a block to the east, with tasty, bargain breakfasts. El Pozolito, a block to the west, has good pozole at low prices. The excellent Mariscos La Red is 1 1/2 blocks west, on Calle Colón/Las Casas, at the corner of Calle Bustamante. ("Seeing Red")

No description of Hotel Posada El Nito is complete without praise to Sra. Rebeca Martha López and her staff. Rebeca is a wonderful, friendly person with a lively, outgoing personality.
We would stay there again with great pleasure.


Comfort: ****

Cleanliness: *****

Price: Our room was $550 pesos a night.That was for an extended stay and in a shoulder season. We paid for five nights stay in advance through a deposit to the hotel's account. After the fifth night, we paid in cash, daily. The hotel does not accept credit cards.

Annoyances: 1. A noisy cantina next door. (Take a room towards the back if that bothers you.)

2. The noise of the sun roof over the patio being opened at about 7:30 a.m.

El Nito patio sun roof.

Armenta y López 416
Centro Histórico, C.P. 68000
Oaxaca, Mexico
Tel: +52 (951) 514-66-68

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Felipe Zapata said...

The hotel does not provide purified water! How very odd. And the bar noise would keep me away. Good that you two enjoyed it, however.

DonCuevas said...

This may be a trend among budget to moderate hotels. Neither did the Hotel Fiesta Paraiso, in Zihuatanejo; and the Hotel Embassy, Colonia Roma Norte, México, D.F. gives but one bottle per room per day.

Don Cuevas

Kim G said...

When F and I went there in the Spring of 2012, we stayed at the Hotel Casantica, a block down from the Museo Rufino Tamayo. We enjoyed the hotel, but I think you all got a MUCH better deal. How did you find the hotel?


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where each blog post we read makes us want to escape the snow and cold even more!

DonCuevas said...

De nada. My pleasure to reply.


Ravenna Taylor said...

I found you again! Let's be back in touch. Hugs, Ravenna

DonCuevas said...

Believe it or not, we were recently thinking of you. Private email follows.

Don Cuevas

MexicoCooks said...

The Hotel Nito looks very nice and your review confirms that you liked it a lot. Next time, though, take a look at Hotel Colón, pm Calle Colón just past Calle Melchor Ocampo. It's in the same neighborhood, equally convenient, comfortable, and quiet as the tomb. I recently stayed 5 nights for 2000 pesos.

DonCuevas said...

Thanks, MexicoCooks. I recall walking by the Hotel Casa Colón. It sounds like a winner.

Don Cuevas