Monday, September 05, 2016

There's Been a Slight Hitch in the Posts, or, Untying the Knots

My Mexican Kitchen has been photo dependent for as long as I can remember. Although I could simply write text, I much prefer to illuminate my posts with images.

To my dismay, my normal image embedding routine/workflow has been seriously disturbed by Google's decision to eliminate Picasa Web Albums, replacing it with Google Photos. Now it has apparently become difficult, if not impossible to obtain an image URL to use in my blog editor (not to neglect to mention some favorite forums).

(Let me say here, make no mistake, I loathe Google Photos, its abstruse interface, but especially its privacy-invading apps, which I have since deleted.)

I reactivated my Flickr account, and I'm learning my way about its labyrinthine but friendlier pages. But I still cannot get an image URL from any of my uploads.

I'm learning workarounds to remedy this dilemma. I can copy a code from a photo on Flickr, and using the HTML mode of the blog editor, paste in the code.

Let's see how that works ...

Libra Mixta at Bawa Bawa
Libra Mixta at Bawa Bawa BBQ, Colonia Roma Norte, CDMX
HEY! That works pretty well. Just a couple more steps than using the built in Blogger image tool.

Another method of embedding an image is a direct upload, from my computer's drive. This uses the Blogger image tool, and a simple file dialog box.
Here's an example:
Barbacoa de Conejo at Nico's México
Gee, this is encouraging. Now I just need to learn how to organize my Flickr images so I can easily find them again.

I'll celebrate with some home baked desserts.

Sticky pecan buns, cinnamon rolls, chile ancho brownies

There is hope.

PS: I see, after publishing this post, that the Flickr stored images are "Flickr branded" and have social network buttons, as well as my Real Name (GASP!). I don't really like this, but I can live with it.

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