Thursday, February 14, 2008

Southern Cookin' South of the Border

We had a few neighbors over for a little lunch. We made what is among our favorite style of food while living here in México: Southern U.S. cookin'.

Yesterday, I saw some nice filetes de bagre on special at the Soriana supermarket. I bought five nice large ones, and after all was done and properly condimented, we had:

Chapulines grandes (fried grasshoppers, salted, with chile ) as an appetizer. (Or a de-appetizer, if you like.)

•Fried fillets of catfish w/ Ho-made Tartar Sauce. The catfish fillets were nearly perfectly cooked, although the flavor was very mild.
•Hush Puppies
•Bread 'n Butter Pickles
Salsa Verde
•Oven "Fried" Potatoes
•Sliced onion
•Sliced fresh Chiles Serranos in lime juice
•Pinto beans
•Ketchup by Heinz™

•Dessert was Flan de Naranja, which came out very nicely, although the orangeness was elusive, and it took several applications of steaming hot towels to release the flan from the mold.

Cerveza Noche Buena and Agua de Jamaica were the principal beverages.

Click slide show below to see larger photos. Photo credits to Geni Certain.


Steve Cotton said...

Michael --

I took inspiration from you and posted my latest cooking adventure. I will readily admit that your dinner was far more successful than mine -- at least, the aftermath.

ChristianZ said...

Did you really mean to say "Ho-made"?

Don Cuevas said...

"Ho-Made" is what Southern cafes put on their menus and signs to let you know it was good. It's an earlier meaning of "ho" having no connection to the present street connotation.

True, it's dialectical, sloppy English, but that's what they served at those Mom 'n Pop cafes.

At one time, in Mountain View, Arkansas, in the heart of the Ozarks, a local drive-in restaurant advertised biscuits and gravy, with an extra "bowel of gravy" available for a modest extra charge. I never was tempted.