Sunday, November 04, 2012

A Remedy For The Demon Gluttony (reprise)

The Demon Gluttony

No doubt about it: we like to eat. And we like comida picante. I have noticed that as the years go on, our tolerance for spicy chiles and comida rica pero pesada has diminished. There are uncomfortable after effects to our indulgence.

But, there's hope! While shopping at the Farmacia de Ahorros in Pátzcuaro, While waiting to pay I was watching the entertaining promotions on the TV monitor, amused by the following ad for that venerable Mexican anti-acid indigestion remedy, Sal de Uvas 'Picot'.

Its appeal lies in the sensitive blend of hot, spicy food served by sexy waitresses plus eventual absolution for gluttony with Sal de Uvas Picot. I've tracked down the video and embedded it here, for your edification and viewing pleasure.

(This is a reprise post, as the original was deleted in a horrifying accident. Sorry, followers, your comments were lost.)


Dan in NC said...

How the heck did ya get a photo of my last stomach bug? I thought I flushed all the evidence! LOL! Seems we are in the same gustatorial boat!

DonCuevas said...

Dan, that little demon resided on the living room floor in the house of an amiga in Oaxaca where we were staying. It seemed perfect as the representative of stomach distress.


Don Cuevas