Friday, November 02, 2012

¿Ah-CHÚ? ¡Ajo!

It is now the season of rapidly changing temperatures, and the season of colds, AKA "la gripe".

Other than get lots of bed rest or mix and drink your favorite hot toddy (mine: boiling water, rum or brandy or whiskey, a little honey, fresh  lime juice and a pinch of chile molido.)

Another remedy that may work for you is Sopa de Ajo. Garlic Soup. It seems to have originated in Spain and it's easy to make, even if you can scarcely say, "Tengo un resfriado."

Here's how I make it.


• 8-10, or more to taste, medium to large cloves of garlic, peeled and root end removed. Slice thinly along the length.

• Good Olive Oil, about 1/2 cup or a little more.

• Approximately 2 liters of chicken or beef stock. You may use Knorr-Suiza or similar products. After all, you don't have the time and energy to spend on making a stock from scratch. Go with a light hand if using Knorr Suiza.

Indispensable Knorr Suiza
• Large, well browned croutons, preferably made from good, sturdy, peasant style bread and olive oil. Please; no packaged croutons as for salad. One or two per diner.

• Pimentón de La Vera, both dulce y picante.

Pimentón de la Vera
• Freshly ground pepper.

• Optional: one or more eggs per diner, poached lightly.

• Optional; chopped fresh parsley or cilantro.

Method: slice the garlic lengthwise.
Gently heat the olive oil in a pan large enough to contain the soup but not so deep as to be difficult to cook the garlic.

Cook the garlic gently, over a low flame, so it just begins to brown. Do not let it burn.

Heat the stock in the microwave or in a pot on the stovetop until near boiling.

Add the stock to the lightly browned garlic slices. There may be spattering.

Bring to a boil, and then reduce heat so soup simmers. Season with Pimentón dulce and picante to taste. The soup should be slightly picante. Add freshly ground black pepper to taste.

Poach the eggs. An easy way to poach eggs is to lightly spray the inside of small custard cups with non stick food spray. Crack one egg into each cup. Have a pan of simmering water large enough to hold the egg cups. Cook on very low heat with a lid. Check for doneness in about 3 or 4 minutes.


Place a crouton or two in a shallow soup plate. Un-mold the poached egg using a small, silicon spatula. Place egg on crouton.

Gently ladle or spoon soup into bowl. Sprinkle with chopped parsley of cilantro if you wish.

A squeeze of fresh lime juice if you wish. I prefer it without.
It's ready to eat.

Image borrowed from the Internet

(You might want to compare the Spanish recipe for the above image with my recipe. Click here.

This, just in: my own image of Sopa de Ajo.

Batch # 2 in 3 days. This time, I had a camera ready.


Tancho said...

I could have used that about two weeks ago, today only a persistant distant cough returns now and then.....
Perhaps I'll muster up some energy and try your Sopa de Ajo since I have the components at hand.......

Steve Cotton said...

For colds (or bouts of projectile vomiting), I stick with chicken soup.