Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Zihuatanejo, December, 2012 Part 3

I'm retitling the rest of this mini series as "Zihuatanejo, December, 2012".

Playa La Ropa, Zihuatanejo

Sunday, December 2, we went to Carmelita's Cafe. I reviewed this wonderful restaurant earlier this year. It hasn't changed much, but only for the better. There have been improvements to the parking lot entrance walkway and the men's restroom. The food is as good as ever. The waitresses are fetching. The menu prices may be a little higher. A cup of very good coffee costs $25 pesos. Refills are not free.  A full pitcher of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice was $110. (Not an unfair price, IMO.)

Here are a few photo highlights from our three visits on this trip.

Chile Relleno de Pescado. Good, but not a favorite.
Aguas frescas are outstanding. This is sandía (watermelon)
Machaca de Pecado. Very good, despite the off putting appearance

Aporreadillo Verde, a variant on a classic egg and cecina dish
Fresh salads, made to your taste are a specialty
Ensalada Carmelita's, a variant on a Chef Salad

Costillas de cerdo en salsa de tomate verde. An excellent dish
The tortillas are handmade. They always taste better than machine made tortillas.
Las Tortilleras Bonitas
Las Tortilleras Bonitas
Una cuenta for two
I'll cover Restaurant El Manglar and its wildlife in another post.

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