Friday, August 16, 2013

Los Ajos, Nuevo Laredo

I was armed with several restaurant recommendations previous to our recent trip to Nuevo Laredo. One, Super Salads, was tempting after an almost all meat diet over several days. But we never got to it. Only half a mile east of our Hotel Colón Plaza, (reviewed here) was Restaurant Los Ajos. It was close by, the food was good, the service helpful and the prices reasonable. Given a modicum of energy, we could walk to it in 10 minutes. It's a totally unpretentious sort of place, which greatly appeals to me.

The menu consists mostly of meat dishes, some prepared simply and others in increasingly rich, cheesy combinations. Here, the tortilla de harina rules, and Los Ajos makes its own. In fact, there is a small bakery to the front, but the products did not awaken any desire in us.

There's a nice and welcome salad bar. Our friendly waiter even invited us to help ourselves to the cut fruit at the end of our meal.

At our first supper. we split a Mixto Especial, a delicious melange of chopped sirloin, mushrooms, cheese and that popular Nuevo Laredo specialty, "polony", or Polish sausage. I drank a tangy Michelada.

Half of a Mixto Especial
 Our meals included a visit to the salad bar. I imagine that we could have revisited it had we wished to.

Salad bar. A site for tiled ayys.
Our next visit, Monday, was for an all important breakfast. I had sirloin and eggs to order. The steak was longer than thick, nicely cooked, and the huevos estrellados, were fine. It sustained me through most of a long and tiring day. I think it was less than $100 pesos. Frankly, I don't recall what Sra. Cuevas ate. Could have been fruit, granola and yogurt.

I didn't bring my camera, as we were next headed to the aduanal agent, and I didn't want to mess around.

That same Monday, as the intense heat diminished to only 85º F, we returned to Los Ajos for nutrient restoration and replacement. There was a sign for Salmón a la Plancha, $150 pesos, a bit anomalous, but I decided to order it. Doña Cuevas decided to have Filet de Pescado a la Plancha. Both dishes were very satisfactory, perfectly cooked and generously sized. Of course, we both had salad bar and drank copious quantities of limonada. Not the best limonada, but it did the job.

Here are the


Service: *****

Cost: $-$$, a real steal.

Restrooms: Need a bit of work, but passable.

Parking: Curbside and both the north and south side of the building.

Location: Alvaro Obregon 3401, 88260 Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas ‎
01 867 714 8886 ‎

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