Monday, November 18, 2013

Super Tacos de Guisados en la Calle de Puebla, México, D.F.

I have long been a proponent of street food in Mexico being the best representation of the country's culinary heritage, with the exception of comida casera. But I have to confess that when I read my recent reviews, that we have been eating more and more in moderate to upmarket restaurants.

While staying recently at the Hotel Embassy in Colonia Roma Norte, México, D.F., at Calle de Puebla #115, near the intersection of Calle Orizaba, I went out one morning hungry, looking for something good to eat, yet uncomplicated.

There are numerous street food options in the couple of blocks along Calle de Puebla, but at 7:30 a.m. most are still setting up and have nothing ready. You can get juices and tortas, and that's about all. But, what's this? A tidy stand with a young man working behind the counter, and a sign, "SUPER TACOS DE GUISADOS". Before me were about six to eight steam table pans, each filled with attractive prepared hot foods.

Some were strange and unknown to me. Others were immediately recognizable.

A few of the guisados offered
Calabacitas con queso panela—easy!
These two were easy for beginners. Arturo, the young chef, made me a couple of tacos from the champiñones (mushrooms). Each taco has two tortillas to support the generous contents: first a large spoonful of nicely made yet simple arroz a la Mexican; then the guisado of choice.

Chicharrón, left; arroz, right
Of the guisados I had, they were not picante, and if anything, somewhat under seasoned. If you desire more spice, there are bowls of condiments to give your taco a boost.

A fresh salsa verde—picante
Salsa negra—not very picante
Fresh chiles and onions in lime juice—muy picante!
Let's move to guisados for advanced palates.

Mollejas (gizzards) with nopales.
Riñones. (Kidneys, no foolin')

I had a taco of mollejas con nopales. Not bad, not anything special. I passed up the kidneys.

Picadillo was good. (I tried these over three differnt mornings, not all in one sitting.

Rather than describe the regular guisados and changing daily specials, I offer you this slide show.


Food: ****

Service: Fast and friendly. *****

Hygiene: generally good, but sometimes, laxness in money, then food handling. I didn't get sick, after three enjoyable meals there.

Specialties: try the Chiles Jalapeño relleno de queso Oaxaca.

Price: Super Bargain! Each plump taco is only $8 pesos.

Wine list: very limited, but refrescos are available. ;-)

Location: Calle de Puebla, south side, about halfway between Calle Orizaba and Calle  Jalapa.

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Kim G said...

Near there, on Álvaro Obregón, between Jalapa and Orizaba, on the south side of the street, there's a sort of "mall," built in an old apartment building from the Porfiriato. In that mall (which I think is called "Parian,") there's a very small Argentine restaurant called "Tierra del Fuego." There they serve some wonderful steaks, with salad and fries, and a few other things. While it's not dirt cheap, F and I have had nice meals for two there, with beers, and tip for about $35 USD.

I'll have to check out the Super Tacos de Guisado next time I'm there. I love that neighborhood, so I'm sure to be back.


Kim G
Boston, MA
Where there are very few Mexican restaurants.

DonCuevas said...

Kim, I have waited out a summer rainstorm in that mall and have seen, but not eaten at Tierra del Fuego. I had their takeaway menu. Thanks for the tip.

Presently, our favorite restaurant in La Roma is the Italian-ish Macelleria Roma, Orizaba # 127, next to Frutos Prohibidos. Ona recent visit, Sra. Cuevas and I shared a large Bistecca alla Fiorentina, $545 pesos. Well worth it, came with fries or salad or some of both, plus the very good bread and sensual seasoned butter in a pool of olive oil.

Don Cuevas

Leticia said...

Hola! Me gusta mucho su blog! Pero con todas esas fotos de la deliciosa comida me dan ganas de comer!

DonCuevas said...

Gracias, Leticia, y bienvenidos a mi blog.

¿Donde ubica usted?

Don Cuevas

Ruth Person said...

We are going to DF next week and are going to try at least one of your places.Thanks for taking the time to write about them!

DonCuevas said...

Thanks for commenting, Ruth.

Don Cuevas

Felisa said...

I once spent three weeks in Mexico City when I was super broke. Due to the budget, I decided to only eat at taquerias and juice places. I didn't get sick once and everything I ate was pretty good. After three weeks I was feeling muy panzón and ready for a change of pace.