Friday, December 26, 2014

The Cracker Hack


I was really looking forward to getting a box of Wheat Thins. This is a simple, cracker delicacy unmatched by any overly sweet, Mexican cracker product. Its purity is its soul.

On request, a Christmas visitor from the North Country brought us 4 boxes.

With gleeful anticipation, I opened the box at lunch.

WHAT'S THIS??? Little brown squares tasting of some odd shortening. Pfehhh! No more wheat purity. Just an artificial flavoring.

I was so depressed by this event that I could eat no more.

Now we speculate that Nabisco eliminated the trans fats with some "healthy" but decidedly inferior shortening.

Oh, the pity!


Steve Cotton said...

I was similarly unimpressed with the new vegetable thins, as well.

Tancho said...

Sadly I learned awhile ago, that the taste I remembered from several smuggled items that I had begged visitors from the north, to bring down had changed or my taste had, or perhaps my palate had come to appreciate better healthy food that is so much easier and affordable SOB.

DonCuevas said...

Yes, the fresh foods SOB are superior. But the old, Original Wheat Thins were incomparable.


Felipe Zapata said...

So, you're a trans fat fan? Oh, dear.

Felipe Zapata said...

Age -- or let's call it maturity -- may be a factor here. When I was a kid I adored cotton candy. A few years ago I bought cotton candy -- for the first time in decades -- here on the Plaza Grande.

Yuck. Big-time.

DonCuevas said...

We had Wheat Thins last year and liked them.


DonCuevas said...

Not necessarily, but something is definitely missing, or more likely, added.