Friday, April 03, 2015

Emilio's Grill— Plaza La Huerta, Morelia

Emilio's Grill looks like a fast food outlet in the Gastronómico food court, sandwiched between a bank, a Blockbuster and the Home Depot, at Plaza La Huerta shopping center in Morelia. But it is really a small self service restaurant with an ambitious menu of grilled meats, hamburgers, some seafood, salads and more. We have been pleased with our many lunches there over the last several years.

We usually have their chargrilled hamburgers, averaging about $70-$80 pesos, complete with French Fries or a salad, or nicely steamed vegetables, as you wish. But yesterday, we saw on the menu "Parrillada para dos" ( or para tres, cuatro, etc.). These are combinations of grilled boneless chicken, sirloin, and shrimp. There is another combo including chorizo and two other meats, but I wasn't paying attention. The parrilladas cost $155 pesos, a very good deal, indeed, for two hungry diners.

The parrilladas come with Papas Francesas, but as always, you can substitute salad or vegetables.

The salads and "guarniciones"—side dishes— are displayed as in a salad bar, but they are not self service. The employees will dish up your selection, and usually with a generous hand.

Some of the salads
Carbos offerings
You can help yourself to the several good salsas and condiments. We like the salsa de aguacate, a sort of smooth and more picante "guacamole". There are free totopos (tortilla chips). Yesterday we also tried some interesting fried, crisp garlic chips with flecks of red chile. The creamy, orangey salsa was picante, but too salty to our taste.

  A few salsas at our table
When the flashing buzzer alerted us (think: Outback Steakhouse) that our parrillada was ready, an employee carried it to our table because it was presented on a hot metal plate over a Sterno type burner. This is the modern version of the anafre. (a small stove).

La Parrillada ion its anafre
The shrimp and sirloin on our parrillada were the choice morsels. The sirloin was savory, tender and moist. The chicken was just o.k., but not bad. We liked the 5 shrimp, but I suggest you ask an employee to apagar  Put out the flame) of the anafre in order not to overcook the food. I should mention that this meal comes with ordinary tortillas.

Soft drinks, beer and aguas frescas are offered. We especially like their creamy horchata.

The seating and ambience at the Gastronómico food court is not conducive to long, leisurely lunches, nor business meetings.  You will never mistake it for a fine dining venue. But it's fine if you accept it as is is. And, since the video games area closed a few years ago, the noise level is more acceptable now.

The men's rest room, (far end of the food court) at least, appears to have been refurbished and was well maintained when we were there yesterday.

The Gastronómico food court is located towards the northern end of Plaza La Huerta, close to Home Depot.

Emilio's Grill also offers breakfast, but we have never tried that.

Food: ***

Service: Semi self service. It's not Fast Food. Meals are prepared to order, average wait, 10 minutes. Well supplied with decent plastic utensils, napkins, straws, etc. You only need to look or ask.

Prices: Average about $80 per person

Hygiene: Satisfactory

Parking: Just outside is the Plaza La Huerta parking lot.

I don't have info on their hours of operation, but I imagine that they open around 10 a.m. We are usually there in the early to mid afternoon.


john Calypso said...

For me it just looks so north of the border commercial - would have to do take-out I suppose.

DonCuevas said...

Sure, it's commercial. It's in business to make a profit. But it does a very good job for its type.

Don cuevas

jennifer rose said...

The noise level and uncomfortable seating at that food court are simply unbearable.

DonCuevas said...

It was relatively quiet on Thursday. The seating hasn't changed. We don't mind it for an hour.

Don Cuevas