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Fiesta Inn Aeropuerto Ciudad de Mexico

We don't usually stay in expensive hotels, but for our annual visit to the U.S., we went First Class. Not only did we book Business First seats for our flight on United airlines, I decided to stay at the Fiesta Inn Aeropuerto. The advantages were seen to be that we could sleep later, and reduce the number of taxi rides, as the hotel provided a free shuttle to the terminal 1 of the airport.

The Fiesta Inn is located across the boulevard that separates it from the airport. We arrived by bus at Terminal Poniente Observatorio. The taxi fare was just over $172 pesos, and the west-east traverse of the city took about an hour. The taxi came alongside the airport, passed it, did a U, followed convoluted routes through the barrio including another U, and finally emerged in front of the contemporary styled hotel building.

Attentive service was immediately apparent, from the doors to the vast lobby. We were offered a room with with two double beds, which wasn't our first preference, but we were tired and the room was more than acceptable.

(The following is from my review on
The outstanding advantage of this Fiesta Inn is its proximity to the Aeropuerto International de la Ciudad de México. That's one reason that it's more expensive than our regular hotels in Mexico City. But the extra money bought quality. The attractively decorated room was sufficiently spacious, the beds unusually comfortable, the bed linens high quality, the shower in the bathroom had voluminous hot water almost instantaneously, the wifi was fine, and, despite being close to the airport and the busy Boulevard, the room was quiet. And, it was air conditioned, which is uncommon in Mexican hotels.

The only sour notes were the $34 peso price tag on the 2 liter bottle of purified water in the bathroom ( a tiny, approximately 8 ounce bottle was marked "complimentary"). Considering that we paid over $1700 pesos a night for the room, taxes included, about $105 is U.S. Dollars, we think that purified water should be included in the price. A minor defect was that the wall decoration next to the thermostat came loose during the night. But aside from being unsightly, it was no problem.

The free shuttle ride to Terminal 1 at the Airport was a welcome bonus.

Because of our early departure, we were unable to take advantage of the free breakfast buffet, but we did have supper in the restaurant. Overall, I would describe it as mediocre. The buffet option was $250 pesos. There were plenty of dishes, both hot and cold, from which to choose, but nothing stood out. An a la carte order of Tacos de Arrachera was about $172 and although the portion was large, but I had indigestion afterwards.

I did grab a complimentary cup of coffee before getting on the shuttle, and the coffee was superior.

I have to mention that we'd gone to bed very early, in the late afternoon, but at about 7:30 we were awakened by staff members tapping at our door. My wife answered, but couldn't understand what that was about. They left, and we went back to sleep.

In conclusion, it's a good hotel for travelers in transit who don't have time or inclination to go into the central parts of Mexico City, but who just need an overnight near the airport.

(Sorry, I took no photos of the rooms. We were just too tired. You can see typical room shots on Tripadvisor.)

TripAdviser Review of Fiesta Inn Aeropuerto

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