Thursday, May 05, 2016

An offer I had to refuse

This isn't her, but a substitute that gives you the idea
Colonia Roma Norte has developed into the hottest, trendiest area in CDMX in the eight or so years that we have been visiting there. So many restaurants, coffee houses, bars and cocktail lounges have opened up, especially along the Avenida Obregón corridor that the scene has been totally transformed. Along Calle Colima and environs, it's a bit more sedate, with more upscale restaurants and fine bakeries. There are more pleasures of the flesh that await the visitor, as you shall read below ...

One Saturday night, on our return from a light meal at Macelleria, and after a walk around Plaza Cabrera, I'd just crossed Av. Obregon at Calle Frontera, and paused. Sra. Cuevas and our friend Shirley were still across the street. This was just past Taquitos Frontera, less than a block from the Hotel Stanza.

A very attractive, very young, dark complected woman, with long curly hair, and nicely dressed, walked up to me and asked, "¿Quieres acompañarme? ¡SEX SEX SEX!"

I will say, she was truly hot. I told her, "No puedo, gracias, porque mi esposa me sigue."
She: "ok."

I told her, "Gracias por la oferta."

My mind reeled and my legs wobbled, but I was able to walk steadily back to the hotel.

It was my first ever offer for commercial sex, and I turned it down. I waited until Sra. Cuevas and I were back in our room to tell her. She took it in her stride.

Although I have no personal knowledge of how such brief contracts are realized, it is obvious that there are several hotels nearby that reputedly cater to the trade. The Bonampak, on Frontera**, the Monarca, on Obregón, across the street from where our brief encounter took place, and the Hotel Colonia Roma , Obregón at Jalapa. Circumstantial evidence suggests also that the Hotel Milán has liberal, turn-the-head admittance policies for temporary guests.


**Google Maps shows the Bonampak as permanently closed. This closing may be due to the increasing sophistication of the Colonia.

The scene of the brief encounter, although the hour was much later.

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