Friday, April 07, 2017

Zoned Out

We, like numerous other expats, believe in supporting small, local businesses. For example, we love the Tienda Don Chucho, of which I've written and photographed before. But sometimes it's to our advantage to patronize large, chain businesses. For example, we've nearly stopped going to Pátzcuaro's fabulous but difficult to traverse Mercado Municipal. Instead, we shop in the more convenient and comfortable Bodega Aurrerá and less often at the Mercado Soriana supermarket. We still are loyal to roadside fruit stands often operated by a husband and wife team. In other words, we are not dogmatic.

Our car mechanic is a personable, wiry hombre who works curbside and charges very little. His curbside workspace is near the end of Calle Ibarra, where it meets Libramento. However, his capacity as a one man shop limits the workload. Sometimes we have to wait for an appointment.

(What's the food connection? His shop is about 100 feet from our favorite taquería, El Venadito.)

Pátzcuaro's Libramento is the locale of nearly countless auto service shops and parts stores. But recently we have patronized Pátzcuaro's only AutoZone store.
(There are several in our state capital city of Morelia.)

 It's like an island of American-style business management and organization, here in the heart of Mexico. The interior of the AutoZone store is clean and orderly, with products neatly and logically arranged on the shelves.

If you need a special part, a staff member can look it up on their computer system. More recently, we were pleasantly amazed to find that they had a crucial part for our van's power steering.  On top of everything, there are two clean restrooms at the back of the store.

The employees at the Pátzcuaro AutoZone are especially friendly and helpful. Recently we bought windshield wipers, which they installed for free. They also installed new bulbs in our turn signals.
They are, in fact, outstandingly helpful.

AutoZone Pátzcuaro is located at Libramiento Ignacio Zaragoza 89, Independencia, 61607 Pátzcuaro, Mich., Mexico

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