Sunday, July 30, 2017

Fat Chance

This is NOT how to get chicken fat! (web photo)
A good friend and cook has exhorted me on several occasions to make chicken stock from scratch, instead of using shelf-stable Kirkland Organic Chicken stock-in-a-box. Cooking a chicken or two is requisite to obtain the precious chicken fat.

I’ve thought of making my own chicken stock, but there are numerous reasons I don’t.

One: I’d have to go to the Mercado to buy chicken. Currently, we try to stay away from the mercado. We love the tradition but abhor the energy burning reality. I suppose I could buy chicken at La Bodega Aurrerá. Mmmm?
Two: I’d have to cook it within a limited time frame ere it spoils. When we return home from the Mercado, we just want to rest.
Three: I’d have to strain out the solids.
Four: I have to make sure that there’s room first, in the fridge, then in the freezer. (The Kirkland needs no refrigeration until opened.)
Five: After it’s refrigerated, I carefully lift off the valuable fat. It would be a good idea to further render the fat to eliminate moisture. It will keep longer.
Six: Get appropriate size container(s) and refrigerate/freeze the fat.
Six-(a): mark containers with date, and ID.
Seven: clean up pots, pans and utensils. Pay attention to thorough grease removal.

I’m sure that the resulting chicken stock is superior in every way to the Kirkland, other than in convenience. Oh, it’s not organic, but that’s not a high priority for me. Convenience is the keyword for why I use Kirkland. Plus it doesn’t need refrigeration until opened.

Chicken fat is not a healthy food, but I admit, it would be nice to have some at hand every once in a while. It's a must in potato knishes and in kasha varnishkes. (I never have toasted the kasha in the oven, as in the linked recipe; only in a pot on the stovetop.)  I substitute vegetable oil. Fat chance that I'm going to render chickens for stock and the golden bonus of chicken schmaltz.

We need an image of chicken schmaltz here. Maestro!

Pure, rendered chicken fat. (Borrowed from the Web)

Potato Knishes
Good looking knishes recipe here.

Kasha Varnishkes with yogurt topping. Yogurt is not common on KV
Kasha Varnishkes, Step-by step recipe.

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