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Hotel Brasilia, CDMX

For our return from the United States, we had planned to stay four nights in the Hotel Stanza in Colonia Roma Norte. But due to the earthquakes in the two previous weeks, we changed plans. We decided instead to spend a single night in the Hotel Brasilia, located a few blocks from the Central de Autobuses del Norte. Friends had stayed there recently and had traveled on buses of Primera Plus lines.

The taxi ride from the Aeropuerto to the hotel took about 20 minutes. Our taxista was a talkative and informative older man. We arrived unexpectedly early at the hotel, so our room was not ready. The hotel decor has a '70s feel. The lobby area is spacious enough for Mexican roller derbies. To one side is what I call the "Lemon Drop Lounge".

Lemon Drop Lounge (web image)
Brasilia lobby (web image)
The manager stored our luggage in the safe room, and we went to comida. I had spotted nearby Restaurante El Nopalito on Google Maps; but we took the hotel taxi as we were very very tired from our long day's journey. I'll describe El Nopalito  in another post.

The Hotel Brasilia is an older, but generally well maintained property. We splurged on a jacuzzi suite, at $1300 pesos. The spacious suite consisted of a short hallway; a salita; the bathroom complex, containing toilet, shower, jacuzzi and sink; and an ample bedroom, with a large desk/shelf and a king sized bed.

Suite bedroom (web image)
The salita had a small table and several office type chairs and a small, comfortable sofa. Dominating the bedroom area was a very large overstuffed leatherette easy chair.

There were two TVs, one in the salita, the other in the bedroom, but we were tired and didn't watch either. Furthermore, we were not Certified TV Remote Operators and so, tv viewing was not available to us. We needed sleep more than anything.

But first I wanted to bathe in the soothing waters of the jacuzzi.
When I filled the jacuzzi tub and immersed myself, it was pleasant at first, but when I fired up the jets pump, it became disgustingly stinky. Cold sewer-smelling water gushed forth. I immediately got out and went back and showered again. The shower was fine.

I called the desk and when I finally got an answer, they sent up the maintenance man and for some reason, a bell man. The Maint Man got immediately to work, and probably flushed the tubes with fresh water and was sweet and clean.

Wifi signal was strong in the bedroom but very weak in the adjacent salita.

There was a Dolce Gusto coffee maker, with two coffee capsules (I may write a diatribe about these in another post.) which seemed easy to operate, but it didn’t make coffee. But it was not an issue, as we carry instant coffee and an immersion heater.

The 5 office type chairs would not roll. In fact, I don’t think they had any rollers. So it was awkward to position them. In fact, the long desk was uncomfortably high.

There were numerous electrical outlets and wall switches a-plenty.

The king bed was o.k. although the bedclothes tangled easily.

A highlight of the bedroom was a super cushy, overstuffed easy chair that looked like a recliner, but wasn’t. Our seventh floor room was quiet except for the occasional sound of a passing emergency vehicle.

A mediocre but nutritious breakfast buffet was offered in the hotel restaurant. $135.

The Hotel Brasilia is adequate, moderately priced and convenient to the Terminal Norte Bus Station.

Location: Hotel Brasilia
Av. de los 100 Metros 4823, Ampliacion Panamericana, Tlacamaca, 06770 Gustavo Madero, CDMX, Mexico

Tel: +52 1 55 5587 8577

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