Monday, July 13, 2009

A Brunch for a Saturday in Summer

To celebrate the return to the Rancho of our Alabaman neighbors; as well as to take advantage of the excellent produce and seafood now available, Doña Cuevas and I hosted a brunch last Saturday. There were seven of us in all.

The developing menu went through several stages of creative imaginings, but in the end, this is what we had.

Brunch Menu July 11, 2009
Sangríta Marías -Bloody Mary drinks made with Tequila and seasoned muy picante.
Platón de frutas de la temporada.
"Gazpacho" Salad
Angel double-raised Biscuits with crisped cecina.

Salsa Poblana Cremosa,. (Roasted fresh green chile crema salsa; muy rica.)
Herbed, garlicked and pimentón dusted roasted baby potatoes.
Revuelto de gambas y ajetes, (soft, creamy scrambled eggs with shrimp and garlic chives; tocino y quesillo de Oaxaca)
More Angel Biscuits, butter. Conservas de Santa Rosa, GTO. Miel de Abeja. (Tropical and other jams, marmalades and honey.)
Café Americano
Brioche au raisin et canelle
(Nadie pudieron comer el brioche por tanta comida. Lo cortamos y repartimos para llevar.)
Our neighbor, Geni took some pictures which she generously agreed to share with us.


Tancho said...

I know a nice little place in town with a great view, that would make a great business for an expat like yourself. Just imagine Mexican Fusion cuisine, with Chef Don Cuevas in charge....
Nice thought, bad business decision thought....
Gambas,eh must be from your Spanish influence.

Rachel Laudan said...

I'm going to invite myself to brunch!

Leslie Harris (de Limon) said...

I love the brunch menu and those angel biscuits look heavenly! If you decide to take Constantino's advice, please let us know...the family and I need a good excuse to travel!

Don Cuevas said...

Thanks, but just forget it. I'm retired, of irregular disposition, and I don't wish to be working in the food biz again.

I'm sure we'll do it again sometime. (Although not exactly the same menu.)
You and your husband are invited!

Constantino lives closer. He has an open invitation, especially if he wants to help us grill some artistic pizzas.

I'd invite Felipe Zapata and his Guapa Señora, but he's non-socially oriented.

Don Cuevas

Bob Mrotek said...

Don Cuevas,
Let me do your menus for you. Gambas are prawns. Chives are "cebollinos" Ajetes are green garlic shoots. Instead of "Revuelto de gambas y ajetes" I would have put "Huevos revueltos con camarones y tallos de ajo". Don't mind me. I'm just a compulsive nutcase when it comes to wording :)

Don Cuevas said...

Bob, I appreciate your preciseness. And, you're quite correct, they weren't actually "ajetes" but tallos de ajo or garlic chives. But I was trying to recreate a memory of a dish we'd had in Spain, along the Costa Mediterranea, precisamente. El Mar Menor, where as a starter, we were served "Revuelto de gambas y ajetes."

I thought I had a picture on the Web of that dish, but the best and closest I can find is here
as served at "La Casa Del Reloj". I do know that we had the Revuelto de gambas y ajetes, but even I don't remember exactly where.

It was Spain, it's true, not México. Sometimes creative license and nostalgia takes precedence over linguistic precision, at least for me.

But it's good to know the correct terms, for such a time as they may become useful to me. Gracias.

Don Cuevas