Friday, June 15, 2012

Blog undergoing maintenance

I have installed the Disqus Comment System. Previous comments have temporarily disappeared but should be back in 24 hours or so.

The good news is that you shouldn't ever again have to read and write those ugly, nasty image verification codes.

In case of complaints, please contact my technical adviser or our legal counsel.

Don Cuevas


Felipe Zapata said...

Ah, much better. You will love it.

Steve Cotton said...

I concur.

tancho said...

Change eh?  What's next wordpress?

DonCuevas said...

I'm a bit nervous that old comments have disappeared, but 24 hours have not yet passed.

Do I need to "approve" or white list you all? Or does it just work on its on?

I imagine I'll need to turn email notifications back on, so I know when someone has posted a comment. Out of the box, I was getting email notifications when anyone on other Disqus enabled blogs to which I'd replied commented. It was making me crazee!

No, Tancho, no Wordpress in my plans. I have too many ties to Google products to want to change.

 Don Cuevas

Felipe Zapata said...

Since I switched to WordPress, I haven't had to use Disqus, and I've forgotten some of its details. I believe all the old comments do come along, but if they don't, is that really such a big deal? Few people read old posts, and old comments even less.

But I am pretty positive they show up. As for the email notifications, etc., you gotta read the instructions carefully. It's really a better system, but there is homework to be done at the beginning. Later, it all falls into place.

WordPress is nicer than Blogger too, but posts do not make the switch gracefully. You pretty much have to start over.

DonCuevas said...

The older comments have now repopulated the older posts. They seemed out of order, until I realized that there's a menu button for reordering them.

I'll look into the details of the notifications. 

I thing Disqus has a plug-in for WordPress, but if you don't need it, be happy!

Happy trails,
 Don Cuevas

jennifer rose said...

I posted a lengthy comment last night. It showed up right away, which was a good thing, since I was not happy about having to participate in the CAPTCHA. And then this morning, it had vaporized. All I can assume is that it's either Disqus, since I did trash the program, or  Don Cuevas. In any event, my feelings are crushed, and I will have to undergo years of extensive psychotherapy to undo the damage.

Felipe Zapata said...

The WordPress comment system is fine, which is more than one can say about Blogger's, to put it mildly.

DonCuevas said...

We hear you and see you, Jennifer. You can get uncrushed now.
I'll search for your comment of last night.

Don Cuevas

Lovemyr said...

Could you comment? I have noticed that some blog sites have better processes to post comments than others. You can control the process? I don't like the blurred letters or having to sign in--because I don't have the accounts they list. I just want to add a comment, plain and simple.

Thank you.

DonCuevas said...

Joan, this should work for you.

(I am now looking through the Disqus Dashboard to find out how to turn email notifications back on.)

 Don Cuevas

PS: I think I found it.

DonCuevas said...

Jennifer, your lengthy and erudite comment appeared, not here, but in a notification email I received. With your permission, I can append it here.

 Don Cuevas

jennifer rose said...

Testing, testing. Erase this message if it shows up.

Croft said...

Gotta test this

DonCuevas said...

On Behalf of Jennifer Rose:

"Along with the ever-increasing

theme options and other gizmos, every blogging platform offers a way for the

blogger to allow comments, challenging those who comment to identify themselves

and pass a CAPTCHA (in case you were wondering, that stands for Completely

Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart), and keep

track of how many comments the blog has racked up. Disqus takes the commenting

experience to a different level, making a blog operate more like a listserve

where the blogger is in charge, introducing the topic and leading the way in

threaded conversations. 

Disqus (

is a free application which allows commentators to embed videos and photos

right within the comment, to reply by e-mail once they’ve triggered the

notification system, and publish in realtime without a delay for approval once

the blogger has given the commentator a vote of confidence. All of that does

come at a price: commentators must first register with a Disqus profile,

Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo or OpenID, eliminating anonymous comments. As

appealing as registering with a Twitter, Facebook or Yahoo account may appear,

doing so means that the user is handing over the user’s information to Disqus.

You really didn’t think that a company like Disqus would develop a product and

give it away without some expectation of gain? It does sell add-ons ranging in

price from $19 per month to $999 and up per month. 

Because Disqus stores comments

remotely, there is a time lag between opening a blog post and the appearance of

comments. The synching doesn’t take long, but it’s still annoying in a world

where every nanosecond counts. Comments by Disqus users are tracked across all

sites using Disqus. Blogs deploying Disqus garner more comments, because the

system does encourage commentators to do more than hit and run, engaging them

in an ongoing discussion.  Just the same,

it leaves me a little edgy.  

DonCuevas said...

I don't know why it came out with the double spacing, but at least it got posted, after numerous attempts.

Saludos,Don Cuevas 

Felipe Zapata said...

Don't be edgy. Don't worry. Be happy.

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