Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tamales and tamales and tamales

Last week I went to the Buen Provecho Mercado in Pátzcuaro. This is a small mercado de especialidades, with a largely affluent expat clientele.
It's open only from 11 to 1:30, on Fridays! Location is in the Posada Yohuanalli, on Calle Dr. Coss in Pátzcuaro.

Although I went only to get a bag of mixed organic lettuces, I was attracted to a couple selling tamales estilo Oaxaqueños. Somehow, I ended up buying 4 instead of 2, but that's not a problem, as the chicken and chile one I tried was delicious. There should be yet another chicken tamal and two of rajas con queso. (Strips of roasted chile Poblano and cheese.)

These tamales are beautifully wrapped. I consider them works of artisanry.

I got some pics of the wrapped tamales. These are among the most beautifully crafted foods I've seen in Mexico. I noted that the number of ties and knots on the tamales differ. I think that this indicates the filling.

I'm looking forward to my next one. Here's a photo of one in its wrapper.

Tamal Oaxaqueño
It's now the following Tuesday, and I just had the last tamal for breakfast. It was filled with mole de pollo. It was almost as enjoyable as the first, but I admit, I'm tired of tamales. I think tomorrow for breakfast I'll have bacon and eggs and toast.

Here are some old and new photos of the Buen Provecho Mercado.


Andean said...

Those are beautiful, and look like the ones my mother made. She wrapped them in a huge green (which looks like your pictured one), leaf she grew in her garden and then steamed them in it. They were delicious!
One of the first things I do when I'm in Mexico is stock up on different kinds of tamales, as nothing here comes close.

Steve Cotton said...

The tamales sound great. We do not see many down this way.

Don Cuevas said...

I have a few more tamales pics, which I may upload. They should appear in the slide show.

After all those tamales, I am ambitiously making chicken pot pie for lunch. Thanks to Felipe Zapata who gave me the idea.

Don Cuevas

Andean said...

Steve, A tamale person drives down your block almost everyday when I'm there, with different kinds of freshly made tamales. I've been eating them for years in Melaque.

DonCuevas said...


Don Cuevas