Sunday, December 13, 2015

Munching In Outer Morelia Restaurants Part 2

I'll begin this week with the inexpensive but worthwhile
Mi Cocina San Miguel. It may be the sweetest, nicest cocina económica ever.

This neat little restaurant is located at the corner of Calle Monterde and the northern end of Calle Águstin Melgar, Colonia Chapultepec Norte.

It's a sunny spot, due to three (yes, 3!) roll up doors and big picture windows, with above average decor. (Don't worry. It has the requisite plastic chairs.)

A sunny spot for breakfast
In the mornings, at least, when we were there, it seems to be a one man show. The owner-chef-waiter-and, I suppose, dishwasher, has got all the bases covered in a deft and efficient manner.

The food is good, the service swift, and the price is right.

Sra. Cuevas had a plate of beautiful Huevos Estrellados y Chilaquiles y frijoles. The pink grapefruit juice was freshly squeezed.

I decided to shun eggs that morning, so I had instead a hearty plate of Carne de Puerco en Chile, arroz y frijoles.

And pink grapefruit juice. I also had a Sprite from the beverage cooler. Naturally, our meals came with hot tortillas. La Señora had a big cup of so-so café de olla.

All that for a total of $89 pesos, plus a tip.


Food: 7

Service: 8

Amiability: 9

Restroom: Clean and well stocked

We would return, not only for breakfasts, but for comida.

No colonia is complete without its panadería. 

This area is fortunate to a have a clean, well lighted bakery in the form of Panadería Santa Ana Maya. It's in the middle of the strip mall on the east side of Calle Francisco Márquez, between Calles Fernando Montes de Oca and Monterde. It's flanked by the spacious Tortas La Imperial restaurant and a Wings, Beer and Wine restaurant.

Sorry, I don't have any interior shots
The production area is open to customers' viewing, and the head baker is congenial, willing to chat a bit when not too busy. The products have a nice decorative touch. But, (and I hate to say it), the taste of most of the snack sized cakes did not thrill my tastebuds. with a taste of artificial flavorings An exception was the assortment of dainty tea cookies, which taste of real butter. A pan dulce concha was light, and that is a rare find. We did like the bolillos, which have a finer and moister texture than the typical ones made elsewhere. It's a nice place, and worth patronizing.

Mention must be made of the special galletas de Santa Ana Maya, flat, friable and accompanied by a tiny container of sticky piloncillo  syrup.

I give the Panadería Santa Ana Maya an overall RATING of 7.

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