Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Munching In Outer Morelia Restaurants Part 3

Chai Cafe seen across the Acueducto
Today's restaurant is Chai Cafe. It's conveniently situated on Avenida Acueducto, with easy access to the valet tended parking lot. Chai Cafe is designed for the hip, newer generation of young Mexicans. It's one unit of a chain with restaurants in other cities, notably in Mexico City.

There are hostesses to help guide you to a table, and soft, comfy, cushioned seats. The menu is long and detailed, with plenty of choice, although a long list of dishes is not necessarily a good sign. We did not lack for attention from at least three individual waitstaff. The decor is "casual contemporary"

Cheerful waiters and cheerful decor
We'd just returned from an outing to a distant suburb and were ready for breakfast. We began with a small basket of fairly good breads and tall glasses of orange and tangerine juices.

It was tough to decide what to have from the extensive menu. I finally chose Enmoladas and Sra. Cuevas Enfrijoladas. (Think of enchiladas, the first dipped in mole sauce and the second in bean puree .)

Enmoladas at Chai Café
Pretty good, except that the tortillas for the enmoladas were somewhat tough and dry.

(The best enmoladas we have had were at El Gorgeo de Las Aves, in Ziracuaretiro. Running a distant, but still good second are those at Fonda Mamá Lupe, in Pátzcuaro.)

Enmoladas El Gorgeo
But we were reasonably satisfied with our breakfast, although nothing about it was especially distinctive.


Food: 6

Service: 7

Cost: $+ Nuestra cuenta

Ambience: comfortable modern

Rest rooms: Very good

Parking: easy access, valet service.

Location: see map.

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