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Munching in Outer Morelia Restaurants Part 4: Restaurante Caracuaro

Restaurante Caracuaro (their photo)
Some of the best comida in México, or at least, in Michoacán, originates in La Tierra Caliente, the hot lands to the south and west of the central Michoacán highlands. There's a special touch with seasoning of the hearty foods that I've come to appreciate.

We had been to the Restaurante Caracuaro for comida with friends several years ago, and it seemed o.k. At the time, I preferred the food at Fonda Marceva, in Centro Morelia.

We have twice breakfasted recently at the smaller of two Restaurante Caracuaro branches, namely, the one on Paseo de La República, the peripheral highway on the western fringes of Morelia.

The other location is at Calzada La Huerta, on Carretera Federal 14, where the highway departs Morelia on its way to Pátzcuaro and beyond, just before the highway bridge going to Pátzcuaro. We haven't tried that location, although it appears more convenient, with ample parking.

The food is hearty and the two young waiters who've served us have been lively and spirited. We were brought freebies,  the Tierra Caliente version of "amuse-bouche". The first breakfast visit saw queso ranchero, crema, two salsas caseras and a toquera each. Totopos (freshly made tortilla chips) are de rigeur. You will recall that a toquera is a slightly sweet fresh corn "latke". The toqueras at Caracuaro are sweeter than those that we had at Las Cocineras Tradicionales.

Toquera Caracuaro
On our first breakfast visit, Sra. Cuevas ordered huevos albañil, which the cooks reportedly had never made before, but they nevertheless did a pretty good job of it.

Huevos albañil (O.k., but too soupy)
I had aporeadillo, a classic of the genre, consisting of pieces of sun dried beef, coated with egg, in a spicy sauce. This aporeadillo was the heartiest I've ever had, with larger pieces of beef than the usual shreds. Hot, handmade tortillas came with this meal. The tortillas tend to be a little  too chewy.

Aporeadillo Caracuaro
We drank freshly squeezed orange juice and drank rich cups of sweet café de olla. Our bill was very reasonable.

On our most recent visit, the freebies flowed freely. This time we each got a steaming hot uchepo, one mound of freshly made, still warm* requesonthree salsas and some more queso ranchero.

Amuse-bouches Caracuaro
*That the requesón was warm is clue that they make their own. How many restaurants do we know of that do that?

Uchepo exposed, with salsa roja
La Señora got Chilaquiles con Pollo, which looked a right mess, but were reportedly tasty and picante. The pollo was a fried chicken leg in place of the usual shreds of chicken.

Chilaquiles con pollo
Although the menu has lured me with menudo each Friday, it's never been ready at our early hour of arrival. But on this occasion, the Caldo de Res was ready. It was bountiful and substantial, loaded with chunks, not shreds of beef and nicely cooked vegetables in a savory broth. The Caldo came with three small clay dishes of cut limes, cilantro and chopped onion.

It was probably the best Caldo de Res I've eaten anywhere. I was pleased that the menudo had not been available. I loved the soup, but confess that it was too much for me to finish the last spoonfuls of liquid.

Caldo de res Caracuaro

Food: 7

Service: 8

Cost: $$  Nuestra cuenta

Restrooms: clean and well maintained

Parking: limited parking in front, more on the side.

Wifi hot spot.

Location: Periférico de la Republica 3507, Colonia Mariano Michelena, Morelia, Michoacán.

(443) 274 17 53, 44 33 55 38 51. e-mail:

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