Saturday, January 11, 2014

Halt! Jugos There?

There is a small jugotería (juice-a-ria) on the corner near our hotel in Oaxaca. I was unaware of this place until Rebeca, the lady manager of the hotel Posada El Nito suggested the juice store for coffee. It's called "La Huerta", (the Orchard) and it's a small gem.

La Huerta. Corner of Calle Rayón y Armenta y López
Although I do like fresh juices and fruits, they have never been my main squeeze. But after trying a few of the over 30 jugos combinados of La Huerta, and the freshly ground, freshly brewed café de la altura, I have made the short walk to La Huerta a pleasant habit each morning.

There's a good-for-your-health ambiance without being annoyingly righteous. The manager and the employees are very busy but have time to be friendly and helpful. A couple of times when my purchases have been too awkward to carry in one trip, they have volunteered to bring it to the hotel. I have begun to leave them modest but appreciated propinas. Now when I order a combinacíon, they make certain there is too much in the blender for the plastic cup to hold and they suggest I drink some so they can give me the extra.

La Huerta service counter

Here's a couple of the mind-boggling menu boards.

These represent, of course, only the 30 set combinations. I'm quite certain that you have yours custom made. Plus, there are straight juices such as orange, grapefruit, piña, mandarina, etc.

We have tried the following health giving combinaciones: una energético, una para artritis, y los vampiros, cuales son mi favoritas todavía. These come in medio litro and litro  sizes, at $35 pesos and $50 pesos, respectively. 

3-a. Chico. For circulation
Yesterday I even tried some of the little sandwiches of turkey ham and queso amarillo, $15 pesos each. While they won't win any gourmet awards, they were fresh and tasty. After eating the first, I went back for a second.

Of course, I checked out their hygienic practices. I was reassured to see that all fruits and vegetables are thoroughly washed then disinfected with MicroDyn. Money is handled with a plastic bag over the hand of the recipient.

One of the most impressive items they offer are fresh fruits cubed and anointed with yogurt, granola/amaranth/bran/raisins, etc in a towering, probably one liter plastic cup.This must be tried before we leave.

Jugotería "La Huerta"
Corner of Calle Rayón and Calle Armenta y López, Oaxaca Centro
Hours: 6:30 a.m to 5 p.m. daily


Drink and food: ****+

Service: (counter service, very limited seating, mostly take out) *****

Price: 1/2 $  Bargain!

Hygiene: very good

"Hold me, Squeeze me, never let me go, never let me go."

This, just in, fresh off the press:

Jugo 13-b, for circulation. You can't beet this with a carrot stick!


Felipe Zapata said...

You're in Oaxaca?! I want to be in Oaxaca. Every time I write Oaxaca, I have to look up the spelling first. I've never been in Oaxaca. Maybe some day. And I can go to this juice-ería.

jennifer rose said...

I've never gotten to go to Oaxaca, either.

Steve Cotton said...

If all goes well, I will be in Oaxaca next month. I may stop at your little juice bar -- even though I am not a big fan of fruit.

Andean said...

What is jugo de Vampiro good for?

DonCuevas said...

I splell Oxaca wrong more often than not.


DonCuevas said...



John Calypso said...

I live in Oaxaca - just remember an 'a' after each previous letter and you are good to go. Are you coming down to Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca?

Andean said...

I didn't realize PE was in Oaxaca. Any recommendation of places to stay on the beach?

Andean said...

Your guess is as good as mine. Blood purifier?

John Calypso said...

Santa Fe Hotel in Zicatela.

Andean said...

Gracias, I will look it up.