Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Seeing Red

In less than a week in beautiful Oaxaca, we quickly found our favorite restaurants. Most are within a 5 minute walk of our hotel.

Pride of place belongs to Mariscos La Red ("The Net"), on Calle Las Casas at the corner of Calle Bustamante. We have eaten there three times, so far.

Central, corner location
The decor is bare bones, nearly nonexistent, but we hardly pay attention.
Looks like a government agency waiting room
The menu is varied and ample, and there are some outstanding items.

One is the Caldo de Mariscos, loaded with denizens of the deep, in a rich, red broth within a blazing hot black pottery cazuela.
Caldo de Mariscos
The Filete de Pescado en Adobo had a tasty sauce, but it overwhelmed the delicate fish.

Filete de Pescado en Adobo
The fried shrimp are good, too.

Fried shrimp and vegetables, too!
In the appetizer department, we liked the Empanada de Mariscos and the Tostadas de Jaiba, but the Costalito de Mariscos much less so,

Tostadas de Jaiba
The service is brisk and efficient, and the prices are low, considering the quality of the food.

Here's la cuenta for our latest lunch there.

Two Cervezas Bohemia, one Coctel de Camarones Grande, two tostadas de jaiba, one empanada, 1 Taco de Camarones (good, but not a favorite.), one filet de pescado en Adobo. Total, $284 pesos. About U.S. $22.  What a deal.


Food: ****
Service: *****
Price: $-$$ BARGAIN!
Keyword: Efishinsea.

Hours of operation: 1 p.m. until 9:00 p.m., but I recommend dining before 6 p.m. It is very popular, and later afternoons, especially on Fridays, can be very busy. There may be a wait for a table.


jennifer rose said...

Gotta love the way we Mexicans service up mashed potatoes right next to rice.

DonCuevas said...

My Mom would be appalled. She always thought two carbs at one meal was unthinkable. (Except for Linguine with white clam sauce, for which lots of Italian bread is called for to soak up the surplus sauce.

Don Cuevas

Richard said...

Just want to say I read every post, and enjoy them. A good balance of pictures and text that shows me a bit of a country I've never been to, nor are likely to. Keep on blogging :-)

DonCuevas said...

Welcome to my blog, Richard. I'm pleased that you enjoy it.

Don Cuevas