Wednesday, January 15, 2014

La Flor de Oaxaca

It's a truly wonderful thing when we can stay in a congenial hotel with more than a few good places to eat within a short distance. Only one and a half blocks to the north of the Hotel Posada El Nito on Avenida Armenta y López is the "sleeper" restaurant, La Flor de Oaxaca. It takes second place in our current lineup of favorite places to eat here in Oaxaca. Menu photos available here, here and here. Beer and liquor menu here.

The dining room is quite genteel in appearance, but with a set comida  (afternoon main meal) for $45 pesos, it offers a real bargain. 

We opened our appetites with some free peanuts and a couple of cervezas. (Extra, of course, not included in the comida corrida.)

Here's what Doña Cuevas had at our first comida there.(Click underlined words fro pictures.
• Arroz
• Tortillas
• A glass of agua fresca de piña (pineapple drink)

I ordered a la carte: Lengua de Res en Salsa Verde. It was good, but not the best tongue I'd ever had. The tart tomatillo sauce benefited from a few drops of the salsa picante verde brought to us at table.

We have had breakfast at La Flor and it can be magnificent.
A couple of days before the comida, we breakfasted there. Sra. Cuevas had two, perfectly cooked Huevos Estrellados, accompanied by delicious frijoles negros seasoned with hoja de aguacate, giving a subtle anise flavor to the beans.

I went big time with Enchiladas Oaxaqueñas AND cecina. Oaxacan cecina is pork, while in other parts of México it's a thin sheet of salted beef. The Oaxaca version is usually enchilada, that is, seasoned with a chile rub. This is a serious breakfast. It features some of the best mole negro I've had anywhere.

Enchiladas Oaxaqueñas con Cecina
The café Americano at La Flor is, unfortunately, weak and tasteless. Café de Olla a little better. Much better to order a clay bowl of very good Chocolate Caliente, preferably de agua instead of de leche. You'll appreciate the subtle tastes of the rich, Oaxacan chocolate without the mask of milk.

La Flor de Oaxaca is highly recommended, but its strength is in the breakfasts.

Here's la cuenta for our breakfast.

We returned a few days later with our expat amiga Bixaorellana. Mis compañeras were hungrier than I was and ordered Enchiladas, Enmoladas and tasajo (lightly cured beef). I had only a small bowl of Sopa de Ajo con Huevos,  and it was very good. It was loaded with small pieces of garlic, in a good chicken stock, a small amount of tomato, and a touch of chile. And, two eggs. It was the first time I'd had this soup in a restaurant with two eggs.

Sopa de Ajo

Let's have the RATINGS

Food: **** 
Service: *****
Price: $-$1/2
Ambience: Nice folks
Hygiene: ******
Keywords: Mole, mole, chocolate, cecina tasajo

Armenta y López 311, Centro, Oaxaca, Mexico

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