Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Time for a change?

I'm thinking of renaming this blog.

When it started, back in 2006, it was supposed to be about Mexican food made in my kitchen. You can see where it has evolved. There's precious little about Mexican home cooking, let alone home cooking of any sort. Let's face it. I hate to type recipes, and it's very challenging to photograph step by step cooking techniques.

Others do that so much better than I.
I also don't want to be committed only to Mexican food, which, despite its obvious vibrant warmth, is but one of the world's great cuisines.

My Mexican Kitchen has become a restaurant review site, with the occasional home dinner description. I like it this way, but the name no longer reflects the reality.

The decision is not yet made, but I'm open to suggestions from our readers for new, descriptive names. Points OFF for alliterative names!

 Don Cuevas


Anonymous said...

Alliteration is where it's at, amigo.

Don Cuevas said...

"Don Cuevas' Korner".
How's that one?

"Don Cuevas' Recipe Ranch". ¿Te gusta?
But I don't like riting recipes.

How does "UnseenMoon" alliterise?

"The Unabridged Wisdom of Don Cuevas" (in one slender volume.)

Don Cuevas

Don Cuevas said...

"Don Cuevas' Cooking Corral".

Don Cuevas

Calypso said...

I have no problem with the current title - The kitchen can be a catch-all for a lot of topics I think.

Tancho said...

How about

Dan in NC said...

How about "Cuevas Kitchen Tales" or "A Fork on the Road"? Really do not care what the title of the blog may be, as long as you keep providing delicious tales!
Dan in NC (actually SMA at the moment)

Anonymous said...

"What I think about restaurants I've been to... and the food."

hmmm thats the idea, but it's about the experience, journey, or adventure.

Cuevas' Restaurant Adventures

The Food Experience

The Great Food Experience

Adventures in Dining Out

My Multicultural Dining

Sorry, these may be lame, I didn't do so good at coming up with a title for my blog, "Life in Mante". Boring, but at least it's not alliterative!

Anonymous said...

How 'bout just changing "my" to "the" and you'll have something still similair about Mexican kitchen cooking. The word restuarant doesn't necessarly have to be in there.
"The Mexican Kitchen Review"
"The Mexican Kitchen Experience"
Say! I like that last one.

Leisa B.